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Ground In Fire Protection Services

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Allegiant Fire Protection respects the implications of fire and fire protection. Our team of experienced technicians and support staff are dedicated to doing business the right way. Building managers and business owners can trust us to safeguard their property in case of emergency and that their fire protection systems will function correctly.

We take care of compliance so you don’t have to. You can’t always prevent an emergency, but you can count on Allegiant to act swiftly and professionally when you need us.

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We are Allegiant. Devoted, consistent and steadfast in providing exceptional fire protection services to defend your greatest assets.


Driven by dedication to our customers and employees, we will grow to be a leader in innovative life safety solutions, with continued education directing our progress. This is what we believe in. Plain and simple.


Integrity – We fulfill our promises

Accessibility – Promptly answering our client’s phone calls and messages is our priority

Accountability – If we mess up, we will fix it. We take ownership of our mistakes and learn from them

Communication – In all of our correspondence we will communicate with professionalism and honesty

Education – We are committed to continually training our employees and educating our clients

Life Safety – Our reason to go to work each day


As part of our core values, we work hard to do our job properly. To this end, we invest the money and time necessary to NICET certify our technicians.

All of our lead technicians are at the minimum, NICET level two certified in water-based testing. When this technician visits your facility, they may have a helper or trainee with them who is fulfilling certification requirements.

We value our clients to ensure the work we do is complete and accurate. We also value our employees enough to train them properly.

If you have questions about our affiliations or our training process, please give us a call at 630-506-5535.


For more information about employment opportunities, visit our career opportunity page.