Full-Service Fire Alarm System Design, Installation, Service, and Repair

Complete Fire Alarm Systems

When it comes to fire and life safety, shortcuts are never an option. We provide the full-service process: 

  • Survey your fire safety needs
  • Design an effective fire alarm system
  • Supply the technology and party
  • Install the fire alarm system
  • Train members of your staff how to reduce false alarms
  • Service and maintain your fire alarm system

Working with a variety of technology allows us to meet the needs of any project. Beyond adhering to legal requirements, we work with you to save time, money and reduce any false alarms.

Alarm System Design

Simple to sophisticated, we work with engineers, electrical contractors, general contractors, and end-users to design a fire alarm system that works for you. 

As fire alarm system contractors, we concentrate exclusively on fire protection services. Your project will never become an afterthought.

Fire Alarm Installation Services

Because our technicians undergo continuing education, we are fully capable of installing any fire alarm system. We work closely with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure your system is compliant and to gain timely approvals for your fire alarm system services.

Our team is qualified to work on a range of projects from new construction to the most challenging retrofit. 

Before we sign off on a project, we thoroughly test each component. Finally, we will train you in the operation of the complete fire alarm systems. 

Fire Alarm Updates, Repairs, and Maintenance

Even the best systems need maintenance and service. 

  • We are on-call 24/7 all year round 
  • Our service trucks are always fully stocked with replacement parts for a wide variety of components and systems  
  • Repairs are made quickly, without multiple trips to and from your business
  • Efficiency is our goal, and this keeps your repair costs down

As experienced fire alarm contractors, we understand the need for efficiency throughout the design, installation, testing, and maintenance. The fire alarm service package can be designed to your unique specifications.

In an emergency, we dispatch our service technicians to your location immediately. We understand how disruptive a malfunctioning alarm system can be.

Allegiant Fire

In non-emergency situations, we provide an initial quotation and complete fire alarm repairs at your convenience. To get a quote regarding our range of fire alarm services, please fill out our contact form or call us at (630) 506-5535 to speak with a fire alarm design and installation team member.