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Quarterly Sprinkler Inspections and Annual Sprinkler Inspections

For businesses, sprinkler system inspections are a routine and important part of their fire safety compliance plan. After all, fire sprinklers act as a first responder on the scene of a fire — even before firefighters arrive. Ensuring that a sprinkler system works in the event of a fire emergency can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and, more importantly, can save lives.  

Most business leaders know they should be testing their sprinkler systems quarterly and annually. However, not everyone understands the major differences between those inspections. Here at Allegiant Fire Protection, we believe that a good building manager is an informed building manager…especially when it comes to fire sprinkler inspection elements and requirements. It is key that a building manager is able to articulate what kinds of inspections their sprinklers have undergone so that they can confirm the systems are up to code.

The biggest difference between our quarterly and annual sprinkler inspections comes down to the amount of time and detail the inspector uses to visually check the system. Specifically, our quarterly fire sprinkler inspections are much less detailed and take much less time to complete than our annual fire sprinkler inspections. While it’s easy to let the quarterly inspection fall by the wayside since it occurs multiple times each year and might feel inconsequential in light of the in-depth annual inspection, it is important to remember that both types of inspections work in tandem and are necessary to meet local fire codes.

During our quarterly inspections, we look over the system as a whole for small defects and test the functionality of all sprinkler system alarm devices. We will also perform a main drain test to ensure adequate water supply to the system. We’ll do the same at annual inspections, but we also perform a full run-through visual inspection of your system. We look for defective heads, rusted, corroded pipes, and any other functionality impairments. The annual checks are more time consuming and require access to all areas covered by the sprinkler system. The inspector will also exercise all control valves through their entire range of motion and perform flow testing of fire pumps or dry systems if applicable.

The professionals at Allegiant Fire Protection take life safety and the safety of your facility seriously. We know that an improperly working sprinkler system can be determined in the event of a fire. Our sprinkler system inspection and testing schedules are determined by the local code, building occupancy type, and the system’s components. Our NICET-certified technicians follow the requirements outlined in the National Fire Protection Association’s code NFPA 25, along with any additional local codes to ensure your peace of mind regarding your facility’s sprinkler system. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today and discuss your sprinkler system inspection options.

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