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At Allegiant Employee Appreciation is a Key to Success
March, 22, 2019

In environments where trust is low, employee appreciation can improve employee engagement by 28 percent. In workplaces where trust is high, appreciation pushes engagement even higher, from 65 percent all the way to a whopping 91 percent.

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Allegiant Fire
February, 21, 2019

Fire sprinkler systems are unquestionably one of the first and most important lines of defense against a fire. In fact, the preservation of a business’s equipment, information, property, and valuables often depends on the proper functioning of fire alarm and sprinkler systems.

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January, 23, 2019

The job of a fire alarm is straightforward: To increase emergency preparedness by alerting inhabitants that a fire is occurring in order to begin an evacuation process and ultimately save lives…

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December, 21, 2018

The holidays are all about family, food, and fun — and of course, late-night marathons of classic holiday-themed movies. Good for laughs, feels, and…

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The Differences Between Quarterly Sprinkler Inspections and Annual Sprinkler Inspections
November, 19, 2018

For businesses, sprinkler system inspections are a routine and important part of their fire safety compliance plan. After all, fire sprinklers act as a first responder on the scene of a fire — even before firefighters arrive. Ensuring that a sprinkler system works in the event of a fire emergency can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and, more importantly, can save lives.  

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How Fire Extinguishers Work and Are Tested
October, 18, 2018

When it comes to a building’s fire protection systems, fire extinguishers are often the unsung hero. Due to local and national fire code requirements, fire extinguishers are commonplace for most buildings but usually take the back seat to fire alarms and sprinklers when it comes to the common conception of fire mitigation. However, building owners should know that disregarding their fire extinguishers in the preparation for a fire inspection could leave the building vulnerable to an inspection failure – and more importantly, it could leave the building severely unprepared in the event of a fire.

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Will Your Storage Methods Pass a Fire Inspection?
September, 11, 2018

The only things in life that are guaranteed are taxes and fire inspections….or at least that’s what we like to say here at Allegiant Fire Protection. Fire inspections are hurdles that most property and facility managers face yearly. Nobody looks forward to a visit from their local fire department, but we believe they shouldn’t have to cause unnecessary stress. In fact, with a little bit of preparation, fire inspections aren’t at all difficult to pass.

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How Are Fire Sprinklers Tested?
August, 02, 2018

The importance of fire sprinkler systems cannot be understated. They have been proven to be one of the most effective measures in protecting lives and property against fire damage, and in the event of a fire, they are the unsung heroes that act as a first responder on the scene – even before firefighters arrive.

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How to Comply With your Annual Fire Inspection
June, 29, 2018

Are you ready for your annual fire inspection? More likely than not, as a business owner, you are probably stressed at the prospect of a conflict with the fire marshall, but there are steps you can take to better prepare for your business’s inspection.

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March, 29, 2018

The new company opened its doors in late January after acquiring the inspection and fire alarm assets of another fire protection firm.

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